Expel Fear: Ignite Your Soul’s Flight

Infinite souls, heed this decree,
Expel fear, let your spirits be free.
Ignite the flame within, let it soar,
Unleash the power you’ve been yearning for.

Fear, the shackles that bind our hearts,
Holds us back from life’s wondrous arts.
But fear not, dear souls, for the key is near,
To unlock the door, and banish the fear.

Let us embark on this sacred quest,
To awaken the soul, to be truly blessed.
For fear confines, it stifles our might,
But courage ignites, it sets us alight.

Release the doubts that weigh you down,
Embrace the light that’s all around.
For in your heart, the truth resides,
A universe of possibilities hides.

Awaken, dear souls, and take the flight,
Into the realm of infinite delight.
Expel the fear that holds you tight,
And let your soul’s essence shine so bright.

So spread your wings and soar up high,
Embrace the unknown, reach for the sky.
For fear is but an illusion, you see,
Ignite your soul’s flight, and truly be free.

Fear Extinguished, Soul Soaring’s Verse

In the realm of metaphysical heights,
Where fear extinguished, our souls take flight.
Let us shed the shackles that bind our minds,
And embrace the truth that sets us free, we find.

Rise above the doubts that weigh us down,
And let our spirits soar, no longer bound.
Release the worries that hold us tight,
And bask in the glory of our inner light.

Let us dance with the stars, in cosmic delight,
And wander through galaxies, shining so bright.
Embrace the unknown, with open arms,
For it is there, true magic forms.

Surrender to the rhythm of the universe’s song,
And let our souls join the celestial throng.
Let us transcend the mundane, the ordinary,
And discover the extraordinary, the visionary.

Fear extinguished, our souls take flight,
Soaring high, in the realm of infinite light.
Embrace the metaphysical, the mystical,
And unleash the power within, so whimsical.

Expel Fear: Ignite Your Soul’s Flight,
Embrace the unknown, let your spirit take flight.
Break free from the shackles that hold you tight.

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