Radiate Compassion: A Metaphysical Ode

Radiate compassion, a celestial light,
Ignite the embers of our souls, burning bright.
In this vast universe, let kindness be our creed,
A beacon of love, fulfilling every need.
Let empathy flow, like rivers to the sea,
For in compassion’s embrace, we are truly free.

Compassion: The Buddhist Path of Love

Compassion, the gentle breeze that guides our souls,
The Buddhist path of love, where kindness unfolds,
In this journey of awakening, our hearts embrace,
A timeless practice, infinite in its grace.

Embracing suffering, with a compassionate gaze,
We dissolve the walls that separate and divide,
Transforming pain into wisdom, as we rise,
United in our shared humanity, we realize.

With every act of love, our spirits soar,
A balm for the wounded, a healing core,
Through selflessness, we find our true worth,
A radiant light illuminating the earth.

Let compassion be our guiding star,
A beacon of hope, no matter how far,
Together, hand in hand, let’s sow the seeds,
Of love, compassion, and unity, our noble creed.

Radiate compassion, a divine light,
Illuminate the path, in darkness ignite.
For in kindness we find our true sight.

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