Short Inspirational Poem: Be Present

In this vast expanse of existence divine,
A whisper of truth, a moment in time,
Be present, dear souls, let go of the past,
Embrace the present, a gift that will last.

For in the now, our essence awakes,
The beauty of life, in every breath it takes,
Let worries and troubles gently subside,
In the embrace of presence, let your spirits glide.

No need to dwell on what’s been and gone,
No need to fret about what lies beyond,
The only moment we truly possess,
Is the present, dear souls, let it caress.

For in this moment, all answers reside,
The secrets of the universe, open wide,
In the stillness within, wisdom is found,
A sanctuary of peace, where truth is profound.

So be present, dear souls, with every beat,
Let go of regrets, and find solace sweet,
In the here and now, let your spirit soar,
Embrace the present, and be forevermore.

Let the beauty of each passing day,
Guide you on your journey, come what may,
For in the present, life’s miracles unfold,
Embrace its presence, let your story be told.

Eternal verses, sublime creation

In the realm of eternity, where time dissolves,
Our souls dance to the rhythm of cosmic resolve.
We are but specks in this vast celestial show,
Yet connected to the universe, we eternally grow.

Like stars that illuminate the night’s embrace,
We are divine sparks, seeking our destined place.
Through the tapestry of existence, we weave,
Exploring the depths of our souls’ reprieve.

The sublime creation, a masterpiece divine,
Unfolds before our eyes, a symphony so fine.
Each moment, a brushstroke on life’s grand canvas,
Guiding us on a path of growth and purpose.

Let us embrace the mysteries that lie ahead,
With open hearts and minds, no fear or dread.
For in this eternal journey, we find our truth,
Unleashing the power within, our eternal youth.

Embrace the now, let go of past and future’s strife,
In presence lies the key to a meaningful life.
Awaken to the present, and unlock eternal delight.

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