Short Inspirational Poem: Choose Happiness

In realms of thought, where wisdom flows,
A radiant truth begins to show,
A short verse, a beacon bright,
To guide us toward pure delight.

Choose happiness, in every stride,
In the depths of joy, let your soul reside,
For life’s journey, though oft complex,
Can be adorned with happiness.

Let not the shadows dim your light,
Embrace the day, with all your might,
In laughter’s embrace, find solace deep,
As happiness awakens from its sleep.

Through trials and tribulations we may roam,
But happiness, dear friend, is our truest home,
In every moment, let it unfurl,
And watch as it transforms your world.

So, lift your spirits, let worries cease,
For happiness is love’s sweet masterpiece,
In its embrace, we find our bliss,
A gift to cherish, never to miss.

Choose happiness, with every breath,
Let it guide you on the path to true success,
For in its presence, we find our true worth,
A life of joy, a heaven on earth.

The Divine Elixir: Poetry’s Transcendent Splendor

The Divine Elixir: Poetry’s Transcendent Splendor

Behold, the ethereal elixir of verse,

A symphony of words that traverse,

Through realms unseen, to awaken our souls,

And guide us towards enlightenment’s goals.

With each line, a portal to higher planes,

Where truth and beauty forever reigns.

Let poetry be the vessel of our dreams,

And unravel the mysteries of cosmic streams.

For in its rhythm, we find solace and peace,

A balm for our hearts that will never cease.

So let us drink deep from this sacred well,

And let its transformative power swell.

As we dance through the realms of metaphysical grace,

We embrace the divine in each poetic embrace.

Embrace the present, let worries fade,
Choose happiness, the ultimate aid.
In your hands, the power is laid.

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