Short Inspirational Poem: Stay Present

Stay present, oh seekers of light divine,
In this vast universe, let your souls align.
For the past is but a memory, fading away,
And tomorrow’s promise is yet to hold sway.

In the here and now, lies our true power,
To create our destiny, hour by hour.
Let not regrets of yesterday weigh you down,
Nor anxieties of tomorrow make you frown.

Embrace the present with an open heart,
A canvas of possibilities, a fresh start.
Feel the rhythm of life, in each breath you take,
For in the present moment, miracles awake.

Be aware of the beauty that surrounds us all,
The whisper of the wind, the birds’ melodious call.
Find solace in nature’s embrace, so serene,
And let your spirit soar, like an eagle keen.

Stay present, dear souls, in this cosmic dance,
Where time and space intertwine in a trance.
Let go of worries, release all strife,
And embrace the gift of this precious life.

For it is in the present moment, we truly live,
Where our souls awaken, and our hearts forgive.
So let us stay present, in each fleeting day,
And discover the magic, in every step of the way.

Celestial verse: A breathtaking masterpiece.

Shimmering stars, celestial dance,

Guiding us through cosmic expanse.

We are but stardust, born from their light,

Ancient wisdom, shining so bright.

Embrace the universe, let your soul soar,

Connect with the cosmos, forevermore.

Mysteries unravel in celestial embrace,

Whispers of truth, in cosmic space.

Beyond earthly bounds, we transcend,

Into realms where dreams never end.

Embrace the cosmos, let its magic ignite,

Unveiling the secrets, that dwell in the night.

Stay present, in this eternal now,
Embrace each moment, with a sacred vow.
For in the present lies our true power,
To transcend the limits of the passing hour.

Let go of regrets that weigh you down,
Release the worries that make you frown.
For the past is but a fading dream,
And the future, a distant gleam.

Find solace in the present’s gentle embrace,
A sanctuary of peace, a sacred space.
In this moment, all worries cease,
And you find within, a divine peace.

So stay present, in this precious hour,
Embrace the now, with all your power.
For the present is where true magic lies,
A gateway to joy, where the soul flies.

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