Stay Present: Unveil the Eternal Now

Stay Present: Unveil the Eternal Now,
Where wisdom’s secrets lie, somehow.
In this moment, divine and true,
A universe of possibilities, anew.

No need to dwell in past’s embrace,
Nor future’s uncertain path to chase.
For in the present, time dissolves,
And consciousness expands, it evolves.

Embrace the now, with open heart,
Let go of worries, let go of art.
For in this very breath we take,
Eternity’s essence, awake.

Discover the beauty, ever so rare,
In every atom, in every tear.
Stay present, dear seeker of light,
Unveil the eternal now, in flight.

Let go of regrets, release the pain,
In this moment, a higher plane.
For every second holds the key,
To unlock the truth, and set us free.

Stay present, beloved, in this dance,
Where past and future find no chance.
In the eternal now, let us reside,
A timeless journey, side by side.

The Timeless Wisdom of Paul Tillich

In the realm of metaphysical thought,
Paul Tillich’s wisdom is devoutly sought.
His timeless teachings resonate within,
guiding us through life’s journey, where we begin.

Tillich’s words, like celestial pearls,
illuminate the depths of our inner worlds.
With poetic grace, he unveils the mysteries,
offering solace, hope, and transformative keys.

  • Embrace the Ultimate Concern: Tillich reminds us to seek the divine,
    for in this connection, our souls truly shine.
  • Transcend Duality: Beyond the limits of right and wrong,
    we find unity, where we eternally belong.
  • Face the Uncertainties: Embrace the questions, the doubts, and the fears,
    for in the depths of doubt, wisdom appears.

Tillich’s wisdom calls us to awaken,
to delve into the depths, where truth is taken.
Let us embrace his teachings, profound and deep,
and in our journey of self-discovery, forever leap.

Be here, not there, in eternal now we abide,
Past and future illusions, let them subside.
Present moment’s gift, embrace it with wide-eyed grace,
In this sacred space, find true freedom, embrace.

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